The United States Presidential election of 1948 is considered by many historians as the greatest election upset in American history. The Chicago Tribune was so sure of Republican Thomas Dewey defeating then President Harry Truman that it went to press with the cover held up the next day by the victorious Truman.

The Illinois primary for the November general election was held on April 13, 1948. It was a very important Democratic
primary as it marked the selection of Paul H. Douglas to run for US Senate and Adlai Stevenson to run for Illinois Governor. Douglas and and Stevenson went on to have a major effect on Illinois and national politics.

We are very proud that my dad, and our founder, Eli Schulman, was also on that ballot as a member of the 19th District
Senatorial Committee. Eli loved being a great host and loved talking politics for over 50 years. It didn’t matter what the political affiliation; Eli’s was a place where all were welcome.