From 1966 until 1988, Eli had a daily routine. He would arrive at the restaurant at about 10am, would do his ordering and paperwork, and then get ready for his lunch club to begin at noon. Each day, Eli’s was busy for lunch with more than half of the guests coming in to network with Eli and with each other.

The captain of the Lunch Club was and continues to be Eli’s dear friend, Howard Bedno. A record promotor by trade, Howard is one of the most beloved people in the City with dear friends in the political, entertainment and broadcast world. Although Eli has been gone for 17 years, there has never been a friend closer to Eli’s than Howard.

Today I was fortunate to have lunch with Howard and John Gehron, a Chicago radio legend and now Regional Vice President for Clear Channel. Howard remembers John’s arrival in Chicago with the then Big 89–WLS Music Radio and every address and job that John has held since.

As we honor our people and the traditions of Eli’s, we have to thank Howard for taking a lunch and turning it into theatre and art. Thank you Howard!

A photo of Eli with his dear friend, Ed McCaskey, Chairman of the Chicago Bears, and Howard Bedno. Ed was a regular lunch guest with Eli and Howard in the days when the Bears offices were downtown.