Dear Mr Schulman,
Last weekend my husband and I visited the Taste Of Chicago. My husband fell in love with the Crunch Dipper! We were there for several hours and visited the Elis booth 3 times.
I visited your website and was sent a cheesecake catalog and we were happy to see we could order these delicious treats online.
Yesterday he came home from work and with a gleam in his eye said Honey lets go to the Taste of Chicago!! So in 90 degree weather we jumped in the car
and drove from Hickory Hills to downtown. Thank God for air conditioned cars. I was laughing as we sat in traffic and then searched for parking. We walked hand in hand about 10 blocks to the fest and then waited in the ticket line. I wish I had my camera. We we were a great commercial.
I just thought I would share this story with you because in our busy lives we sometimes forget the simplest things make us the happiest. By the way we only
ate at Elis then left.
Keep up the good work!
D. Atik