Congratulation to Shirley Saldana, the Chief Librarian for the Chicago High
School for Agricultural Sciences, on her award winning grant application to the
Laura Bush Foundation for American Libraries. This week, First Lady Laura Bush
came to Chicago to present a $5,000 grant to the CHSAS Library and three other
Chicago public schools . These schools represented 160 schools nationally who
will be able to expand their library collections because of the committment of
the First Lady to education.

This has a great year of awards and recognition for CHSAS and shows the
potential of the Chicago Public Schools and the special at the school to food
and agriculture.





Laura Bush Awards Grants To Chicago

  • Jun 2, 2005 3:29 pm

    The First Lady paid a visit to the Second
    City to give some Chicago schools some pretty big bucks to get students to read

    One group of Chicago librarians look professionally reserved but
    they are celebrating one of the best days of the school year. They each won
    $5,000 from the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries. The money could
    more than double the number of books in Austin High School’s

    “Young people should have access to classics, new books that
    reflect their cultures,” Mrs. Bush said.

    Members of the school’s book
    club received commemorative White House bookmarks. They’re already hooked on
    books but they say the grant will give them and other students more to

    Junior Lena Brooks said, “We need new books, and books teens
    would be interested in reading.”

    Junior Raphael Collins said, “History,
    yeah we can read that, but our interest is in modern days, language, how people
    think now.”

    Brianca Taylor said, “We need a better selection, more bio’s
    more mysteries.”

    Thousands of schools all over the country applied for
    the grants. The foundation chose 160. The four from Illinois are all in the
    Chicago Public School System.

    Austin High School’s librarian, Alice
    Hadac, says winning the money was easy. She explained that most of their books
    were about 30 years old and contained old information. Mrs. Bush gave them new
    hope. “It’s so exciting. She’s a former librarian, she’s sticking up for us in
    schools. Libraries don’t get a budget or don’t have a big budget,” she

    Mrs. Bush presented grants to three other Chicago schools: Dusable
    High School, Ryerson Elementary, and Chicago High School for Agricultural
    Sciences. She also participated in a discussion to reduce youth violence in the