Summer in Chicago! The Blues Fest, Gospel Fest, Farmers Markets and Baseball. At Eli’s, we always look forward to our biggest event of the Summer-Taste of Chicago.

It was at that very first Taste of Chicago held on Michigan Avenue on July 4, 1980 that my dad, Eli M. Schulman, took his cheesecake outside of Eli’s the Place for Steak for the first time. As it is now our tradition, we look forward to celebrating the 27th Birthday of the Taste of Chicago and Eli’s Cheesecake on Saturday, June 30th at Buckingham Fountain when legendary singer Kenny Rogers, performing that evening at the Country Music Festival at Butler Field, will help us cut and serve a giant Eli’s Cheesecake Birthday Cake.



Mayor Richard M. Daley joined the Eli’s Team at the Preview Party for the 2007 Taste of Chicago. Eli’s sampled its offering for Taste and brought a small version of the giant Eli’s Cheesecake that will be cut by Kenny Rogers at the 27th birthday party for the Taste.

To kick off Eli’s Eco Initiative and to promote sustainable practices, Eli’s will be dishing out our cheesecake in an alternative way at the 2007 Taste of Chicago. These pratices developed by Eli’s Kori Schulman in connection with the Eli’s Purchasing Team were highlighted in the Chicago Tribune’s coverage of the Taste preview.


A recipe to add dash of health to Taste

Festival to feature a focus on green

By Kristen Kridel
Tribune staff reporter
Published June 13, 2007

This year, Eli’s Cheesecake Co. expects to serve an estimated 150,000 slices of cheesecake on biodegradable plates and bowls made from a sugar cane byproduct, President Marc Schulman said.

And the employees handing out slices, ranging from plain to chocolate dipped, will don T-shirts made with 100 percent organic cotton, Schulman added.

“Finally, you can enjoy the No. 1 dessert with a little less guilt, just don’t eat the plate!” he wrote in an e-mail.