Take a Vacation With out Leaving Home

Watch the segment at The Rachel Ray Show web site at http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/?q=videos/home-vacation

Stacey Ballis, Chicago author and life style contributor to The Rachel Ray Show helps a family vacation in their hometown.
Stacey turns their house into a hotel and takes the family for a tour and cheesecake decorating extravaganza at Eli’s Cheesecake World and some other fun Chicago haunts.

Stacey’s tips for a family vacation in their hometown include:

• Give your home that “hotel” feel. Move your children’s mattresses to another room (such as a rec room or finished basement) to give them their own “suite.” Put candy on their pillows and set up a kids mini-bar with juice, soft drinks, cookies or chips!

• Make the atmosphere of your home kitchen more like a restaurant. Create menus, buy restaurant-style condiment bottles or serve dinner in colorful food baskets.

• Turn your regular local hangout spots into mini-vacation destinations. Some local eateries will give behind-the-scenes tours of their business, which can be fun and educational for your kids.

• Parents can get in the act and treat themselves with a beside gift basket filled with a bottle of champagne, some chocolate and a few snacks — the perfect way to unwind after a mini-vacation around town with the kids!


Maureen and Marc Schulman greet Rachel Ray on a recent visit to Chicago to promote one of her books