It was in June of 1993 that I had the honor to deliver the final commencement speech at Wright College before its move to the north campus just east of what is now the Wright Campus Business Park and the home of Eli’s Cheesecake. Over the years since, I have gained a far greater understanding of the role of Wright and the City Colleges of Chicago in our higher education system and the importance of the role of Wright when it opened during the Depression in September of 1934.

As a fan of Wright, I also became very interested in the career of one of Wright’s most famous graduates, Herbert C. Brown, a member of that first class in 1935 who then went on to the University of Chicago and who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1979; just one example of how far a Wright College graduate can go.

After seaching for that first Wright Junior College (now Wright College) Yearbook, I found The Survey Volume 1 published by the Class of 1935. Below is the story of Wright and the great promise of the Junior College System. There is a very appropriate statement about Herbert C. Brown and the members of that class that they could be proud of their first year achievements and look forward to “an even more satisfying future.”