It is very fitting that on a day that we celebrate Eli’s being around the world–in Dubai and Toronto, we celebrate the 90th birthday of our cousin, Ellen Rissman, the sister of my cousin Buddy Schulman, who with my dear friend, Walter Babian, taught me and Eli’s about the wonders of the world and the potential for our business globally.

As we join Ellen and her family in celebrating her 90th, we want to thank her for support and kindness for me and all of us at Eli’s. She is always reading about us in the newspaper or catching us on television. A regular visitor to our Cafe and to the Eli’s Cheesecake Festival, Ellen is the living spirit of Eli’s & Buddy. Happy Birthday Ellen.

Ellen celebrates her birthday with some of her favorite people; Marc Schulman, her grandsons Todd and Adam Schneiderman and Buddy’s son, David Schulman

Ellen Rissman visiting the Glenn “Buddy” Schulman room at Eli’s offices dedicated in 2001 in memory of Buddy.

Ellen visiting Eli’s, here with her grand son, Adam Schneiderman and Marc Schulman

In a week that we celebrated the dedication of the Wright Campus Business Park and now Ellen’s 90th, how fitting is that Buddy Schulman played on the 1947 Wright Warriors Football Team.





Buddy knew about business around the world long before it became convenient or comfortable. I treasure Buddy’s passport from 1957 (when I was two years old). Among the countries visited by Buddy when he worked for Hawaiian Pineapple Company: India, Japan, Hong Kong, England and Thailand. Buddy, thank you for the inspiration and Ellen thank you for the constant support and encouragement.