Long summer days are a perfect time to visit Borders Books & Music. There are three great reasons to visit Borders in the near future:

1. Borders is featuring our Turtle Brownie and a small premium coffee for $2.99. A great treat and a great deal.

2. Through June 19th, Borders is offering 25% off the regular price of one item. Visit the Borders web site at http://f.chtah.com/i/9/276579820/25percentcoupon_611.html to print your coupon.

3. Vintage Books just released the first paperback edition of My Life by Bill Clinton. In the earlier editions, it was unclear where Bill Clinton visited on Thursday, March 12th, 1992 in Illinois. Now it reads:

In Illinois, I visited (Eli’s) Cheesecake with black, Hispanic, and Eastern European immigrant employees to highlight the company’s committment to giving all employees who hadn’t finished high school access to a GED Program. I met a new citizen from Romania who said he would cast his first vote for me.

Thanks Bill and Thanks Borders for featuring Eli’s.