January can be a very long and cold month in Chicago. This year, from Sunday, January 12th until last night, Sunday, February 4th, our hearts and minds were warmed by the success of the Chicago Bears. Although the result of
the Super Bowl were not what we hoped for, we had a great time along the way.

Yesterday when Maureen and I were were outside in the -30 degree wind chill weather, there were many other people outside doing the same thing—taking pictures of Chicago landmarks decorated with Bears colors. Not only were they taking pictures, but people were talking to each other bringing back memories of the best Chicago public art program, Cows on Parade, and summer events like our Farmer’s Markets.

We want to thank all our friends who helped make our celebrations on the Road to the Super Bowl complete. Our pep rallies were so much fun thanks to the Ridgewood High School Cheerleaders, Fran of Dancemates,org, singer Justin Butler and Robin Childress of Spelling Bee. Our Eli’s Decorators were great dancers and singers and we thank Len and Mike for
helping us lead in the singing.

We thank all our customers who had Eli’s Cheesecake and our other treats on their table for the Super Bowl. More than any other special event in our history, we had a lot of fun with the Bears two play-off wins and the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. We also had fans across the country celebrating with Eli’s last night.

We had the honor to participate in two bets by Mayor Daley–one with Mayor Nagin of New Orleans and the second with Mayor Peterson of Indianapolis. For the wager with Mayor Nagin, we sent him cakes in respect to the great City of New Orleans. For the bet with Indianapolis, we already gave 4,100 slices of Eli’s Cheesecake to the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the Mercy Home so we feel like winners. This week we will be sending Eli’s Cheesecakes to Mayor Peterson. He will be having one great feast.

We will also be sending cheesecakes to Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana this week.Thank you Governor Blagojevich for including Eli’s in such a important wager.

Today we will be busy “paying” off on a few debts to Indianapolis. And the start of Spring Training is just 10 days away.