Dear Elis’s:

With the Bears involvement in the Super Bowl this year, I had to have signature Chicago items at my party and what better
than Eli’s Cheesecake?

So being from Chicago, but having had to recently relocate for work, I knew that while I couldn’t go and pick one up, I
would simply order it online. After looking at the assortment available, I ordered the Chicago Bears Cake and it was delivered yesterday evening.

I was worried when I first opened it that it would have been damaged in transit and not looked as it was pictured online.
However much to my surprise it was perfect and I can’t wait to share it with our company during Sunday’s big game.

I even made a point to call my mother of whom still resides in Chicago and tell her all about it and now she will be picking
up one later today for a party she will be attending. So again thank you for being able to send me a piece of home.

Go Bears!


J. Calistri