These are very important days at Eli’s as we celebrate the 25th birthday of Eli’s Cheesecake and the Taste of Chicago on Saturday, June 25th, and one month later, on Saturday, July 30th “mourn” the closing of Eli’s the Place for Steak at its location for 39 years at 215 E. Chicago Avenue in the Carriage House. Northwestern Memorial Hospital. our landlord for the past 35 years, needs the site for the expansion of the Prentice Woman’s Hospital, so there was no choice but to close. We are working on several opportunities in our area, on or near the Magnificent Mile, and will keep you updated on our future plans.

Today Steve Dolinsky, the Hungry Hound, on ABC7 Chicago, is celebrating Eli’s history on a pre-Father’s Day segment. Steve is one of Chicago’s brightest talents in the food industry and we were delighted to have him visit the kitchen and dining room at Eli’s the Place for Steak.

Hungry Hound: Special food for
Father’s Day

June 17, 2005 — There are dozens of restaurants offering special meals for Father’s Day on Sunday. ABC7′s Hungry Hound has two suggestions — both offer something a little more than just food on a plate. Father’s Day is of course a time to honor dad. There are two food-worthy options this Sunday. One, on the South Side, honors dads with a gigantic cookout that raises money for charity.
The other, a longtime Chicagoicon about to close its doors, honors both the legacy and culinary invention of one of the city’s famous dads.

This Sunday, the 16th Annual Real Men Cook event fills the grounds of the SouthShoreCulturalCenter, getting dads and kids together over lots of good food.

“Helps to shine a good light on, in this instance, primarily the African American community and man who is a part of that community,” said Kofi Moyo, Real Men Cook. “Real men cook, but real men serve the food they cook as well, to the public that comes in and makes a charitable donation.”

The proceeds from the event will benefit the Community Mental Health Council.

Just off the Mag Mile, another father and son act…but this one is bittersweet. After 39 years in business, Eli’s The Place For Steak will shut its doors at the end of July. After World War Two, Eli Shulman owned a handful of restaurants and delis…and with his son Marc always at his side, he opened his legendary steakhouse in 1966.

“I think what Eli really brought was the great mix of being an exceptional host and very focused on the customer, and a lot of innovation in food for that era,” said Marc Schulman, Eli’s, The Place for Steak.

That meant legendary Chicago dishes like shrimp dejonghe: baked prawns with butter and breadcrumbs…or gently seared liver with sauteed onions and peppers. Thick, juicy prime-aged filets and strips were always prevalent…as were the celebrities. Not only Sammy and Frank, and a President or two…but also the people who covered them, like Kup, and some other famous faces. In 1980, at the first Taste of Chicago, Eli had another idea: come up with a new dessert. He settled on cheesecake. There was the original, then the white chocolate with raspberries, and of course, the rich, chocolaty Turtle. Years later, Eli started making enormous cheesecakes for special occasions, and eventually, opened a giant manufacturing plant on the city’s far west side. Schulman says this year’s Taste will be just like all of the others…except for the fact that the cheesecake business has now eclipsed the legendary restaurant.

“Taste of Chicago we’ll be celebrating 25 years and here, to the end of July, we’ll be celebrating 39 years, and we’ll be doing it with the service and quality that people would expect from Eli’s.”

There are still about six weeks left to enjoy Eli’s although the cheesecakes aren’t going anywhere. They will certainly have a big presence at this year’s Taste of Chicago.

Real Men Cook
7059 S. Shore Dr.

June 19, 3 – 6 p.m.
773-734-4033 x422

Eli’s The Place For Steak
215 E. Chicago Ave.

Eli’s Cheesecake Co.
6701 W. Forest Preserve Dr.