Eli’s had a pep rally to cheer on the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship Game. The Ridgewood High School cheerleaders joined Fran of Dancemates.org, Justin Butler of the Happiness Club and Chicago Idol and Eli’s
Big Slice to cheer on a crowd at the Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe.

Thanks to the Ridgewood High School Cheerleaders for bringing their cheers and energy to our Bears Pep Rally.

Fran from DanceMates.org with her special Eli’s Cheesecake Dancers, Haley and Chris.

Justin Butler along with Eli’s chief Bear Fans, Mike and Lenny, teaches the fans the words to the “Super Bowl Shuffle.”

Eli’s Mary Beth brings boys out for the pep rally, while Eli’s Pat, Maria, Helen and Debbie get ready to cheer.

With spirit like this, there is no way that the Bears can lose!