New Orleans has also been a favorite city for Eli’s.

When he acquired the New Orleans Saints, Tom Benson was introduced to Eli and Eli’s the Place for Steak by then General Manager, and Eli’s dear friend, Jim Finks, previously the General Manager of the Bears. Benson was a regular at Eli’s over the years and is one of the great owners in the NFL. We respect Mr. Benson’s commitment to keeping the Saints in New Orleans
and wish him the best of success as he seeks his first NFC Championship.

With Mardi Gras season about to begin, I fondly remember one of our family’s great experience; when Maureen and Elana were in the Zulu Court when, Desiree Glapion Rogers, New Orleans native and daughter of popular council
man, Roy Glapion, was the Zulu Queen in 2000. The hospitality of the Glapion Family and the Zulu Organization was just fantastic and we had so much fun participating in the parades and other special events.

For all those reasons, we were delighted to be contacted by, Dave Brennan, the owner of New Orleans Internet Foods, which
operates the King King Cakes at They are getting ready to ship their delicacies for the Mardi Gras Season and we are delighted to accept his wager of a a large King Cake of our choice versus a cheesecake of Dave’s Choice.

Yes, Dave, we do have the stomach for this bet, which will be a great game between two great cities and two great football