Anchorman Bets Bounty On Bears Victory

POSTED: 10:30 am CST January 10, 2007

UPDATED: 11:34 am CST January 10, 2007

CHICAGO — Mayors in cities involved in big sports contests often make bets on which team will win, so NBC5′s morning team decided they, too, should throw down the gauntlet, challenging a childhood friend of Dick Johnson’s who now works in national advertising for the Seattle Times.

Charlie Gardner called into NBC5 News Today Wednesday to exchange friendly sports banter with Johnson and the team. Each offered their bounty of goods to the other, dependent on the outcome of Sunday’s matchup at Soldier Field.

“On the virtually impossible chance that the Seahawks beat us,” Johnson said, “we are promising Charlie and his co-workers at the Times three Lou Malanati’s pizzas, plus an Eli’s cheesecake that he forced us to throw in.”

The news team would also have to wear Seahawks and Seattle hats on the air, he said.

Speaking at a very early Pacific Standard Time by phone, Gardner offered three pounds of “mouthwatering and delicious smoked salmon from the great Northwest,” along with a congratulatory ad in his award-winning newspaper’s sports section, which would include pictures of the NBC5 morning team.

Gardner said that neither the Seahawks nor the team’s fans are concerned about the possibility of foul weather at Soldier Field Sunday, considering they’ve suffered some of Seattle’s worst weather in decades over the past several months.

“We’ve seen the rain, the snow, the sleet, the wind and everything in the past few months, and we’re looking forward to (Chicago’s weather),” he said