With all our recent postings about the Taste of Chicago, you might assume that we have shut the bakery down and moved all our people down to Grant Park. That was true a number of years ago, but now, we are fortunate to have a great seasonal staff at Taste under the leadership of Mike Neuhaus, and a very busy bakery serving our customers around the country and all over the world.

The importance of great customer service 24/7 365 days a year was brought home when I opened the following letter from Maggie Chan of New York. In the beginning, it sounded like a great opportunity to enjoy Eli’s gone awry—learning about us on the Food Network, ordering a birthday cake for her brother and then the problem—the delivery was not made on time. Now the customer is coming back to us with a problem, and what do we do?

In this case, the results were all very positive as our Customer Service Leader, Tania Alvarado, replied within minutes and made sure that Eli’s didn’t rest until the gift was reshipped and happily enjoyed.

The words from Ms.Chan speak volumes about how we want Eli’s to be viewed by our customers. This is an exceptionally high standard, but it can’t be beat, as it really shows that the customer comes first:

I’m just so amazingly impressed by customer service over there! I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a user-friendlier site, a more friendly call center staff and a more attentive customer service representative in my life. It really is hard to find a company where the employees care about the customers. I will definitely pass on your cheesecake name to all my friends. I just wanted to write to express my sheer bliss in my dealings with this company.

Thank you Ms. Chan for showing the power of great customer service and thank you Tania for representing Eli’s so well.

Tania Alvarado (far left) on Saturday working with Laurel Boger, Diana Moles and Hilda Carillo, at the Taste of Chicago. Thank you Tania!