The Guest Relations Association is hosting its 50th annual convention in Chicago this week. The GRA was formed
by the leading companies in America who offer public and/or private tours. The goal of the GRA is to help the members improve their guest relations activities through the exchange of information and best practices. The list of members is a “who’s who” of the companies that have built their brands by highlighting their businesses
through tours. These companies include Motorola, Ben & Jerry’s, Crayola, Celestial Seasonings, Jelly Belly, Coca Cola and Harley Davidson.

During their stay in Chicago area, the GRA members will experience our top corporate tourism destinations including Jelly Belly, Harley Davidson and Miller Brewery in Wisconsin and Motorola, Wrigley Field and the
Sears Tower in the Chicago area.

During their visit to Eli’s, the GRA will also experience the facilities of Wright College as half of the group will go to
Wright for Break Out discussions.
We are honored that one of the special guests in the group is Karen Axelrod, the co-author of “Watch it Made in the USA.” Now in its 4th edition, “Watch it Made” has become the bible for this growing industry as people look to the Guide as a way to plan vacations and outings. Eli’s is both a featured tour in the new edition and has a picture of our oven on the cover as one of 9 images.