Today we joined Starbucks and the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation of Northwestern Memorial Hospital for an event at Northwestern to celebrate our partnership, to sample Pink Brownies on a Stick from Eli’s and
Starbucks Coffee and to talk about the important work of the Lynn Sage Foundation.

Our thanks to Jim Cain of Starbucks and Meta Berger of the Lynn Sage Foundation for making this day and the partnership such a success.

This poster is up in all 350 Starbucks in Illinois, Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana during the month of October.


Eli’s Pat Pross, Brian Cravens and Maureen Schulman are “thinking pink” for the kickoff event at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.









Pat Pross shares a Pink Brownie on a Stick sample with a Northwestern Physician.

Starbucks Coffee and desserts from Eli’s go very well together.

Eli’s and Starbucks share a commitment to quality and making a difference in the communities in which we do business.