In 1999, Cows on Parade hit the streets of Chicago and made an enormous impact on Chicago life and tourism. Suddenly, people on the streets started talking to each other about the cows and their settings.

At Eli’s, we believe that the Farmer’s Market that we have sponsored with Wright College and the City of Chicago fufills that same role. Neighbors and tourists come to Eli’s every Thursday using it as a way to interact with us and their neighbors. Right now, our summer activities are in high pace with the weekly Entrepreneurs Speakers Program in connection with our educational program with the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

John Caveny, President of Environmentally Correct Concepts, and President of Caveny Farm Heritage Poultry in Monticello, Illinois speaks to the CHSAS class and interested community members under Eli’s Big Top on the lawn on Thursday, July 14th. Caveny had an inspirational message to the audience which show the importacne of quality, great customer service and good will in building his holiday turkey business. Ordering information for the holidays can be found at:

Also Caveny shared his experiences at Environmentally Correct Concepts which can be found online at ECCI showcases how green technology can be used to promote good stewardship of essential natural resources–the earth’s soil, water and air.

Caveny’s presentation shows the potential of agriculture today–that one hand, he is growing a small number of premium turkeys while also developing an international business using green practices to minimize global warming.

While Caveny was speaking to the CHSAS students, we were fortunate to have our partners present from the Irving Austin branch of the Chicago Public Library to entertain and eduate kids. We commend the Chicago Public Library on their outreach to Eli’s and our community.