One of our goals at the Eli’s/Wright College Farmer’s Market is to partner with community groups and to introduce new customers to the market. Today it was our pleasure to welcome residents of the Edwin C. Berry Manor, one of the programs of The Woodlawn Organization.

Leon Finney, Jr., the Chairman of TWO has been my friend for 25 years and was my client early in my legal career. Our thanks to Gail Bennet-Walker, the Service Coordinator of the facility, who was a great leader and who takes great personal pride in giving her residents unique and fun experience.
For the Berry Manor visit, Eli’s provided a continental breakfast, and we partnered with Catholic Charities, the Illinois Department of Agriculture and the US Department of Agriculture to give each guest $15 in script to spend in the Farmer’s Market.
It gives us great pleasure to give such distinguished guests a very special day at Eli’s and the Farmers Market.