For almost 40 years, Eli’s was a part of the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Campus. We were not only a tenant; we became patients,
supporters and advocates for the wonders of healthcare that Northwestern brings to Streeterville, Chicago and the country. When we dedicated the Eli M. Schulman Playground and rebuilt in Seneca Park in 1990, Northwestern was one of our biggest supporter and we were delighted that the opening of new Northwestern Memorial Hospital on April 14, 1999 was commemorated with a giant Eli’s

It was therefore an honor for us to team up with another one of great friends, Starbucks, to create a unique Pink Brownie on a Stick that could be sold in the 350 Starbucks stores in the Chicago area, throughout Illinois, northwest Indiana and Wisconsin to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and the important message of the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation, an affiliate of Northwestern Memorial.

To help support the mission of Lynn Sage, Starbucks and Eli’s have jointly donated $10,000 to the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation and are helping get the word out for early detection by placing posters in each of the Starbucks stores reminding women that over 96% of women survive breast cancer with early detection and urging women to go to the Lynn Sage web site at for information on local locations for screening.

We are very happy that we can create a delicious dessert while giving financial support to such an important health care institution and then helping get the word out about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the importance of early detection