One of the great treasures of summer in Illinois is the Illinois State Fair in Springfield. Just 200 miles from Chicago, a visit to the Fair can also include a visit to the historic Lincoln sites and to the new Abraham
Lincoln Presidential Library.

It was an honor for me and my daughter, Kori, to got to the State Fair this year on August 15th for the Ag Day Luncheon. A buffet lunch for over 1,500 people was topped off with Eli’s Cheesecake which we donated for the occasion. The event included educators, legislatiors, students, farmer and friends of agriculture in Illinois.

At a program following the lunch, I received the Excellence in Agribusiness for Agricultural Education from the Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education. What made this Award so special was the presence by a number of students from the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. It was this amazing group of students that got me interested in the benefits of ag


The Excellence in Agribusiness for Agricultural Education Award is presented to Eli’s, Kori and me by Chuck Hartke, the Director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture, and he Illinois State Fair Queen.

Kori and I with Lucille Shaw, Master Ag Teacher at CHSAS and my mentor in ag education and Ron Reische, the State Director for Agricultural Education.















Jennifer Wilks, of Durst-Insight, our Illinois Food Broker and Representative in Springfield made the arrangements to insure that dessert at the Ag Day Lunch was Eli’s Cheesecake.