At Eli’s, we are so happy to hear from our fans! It is amazing to see the places where people are able to fid our product.

One of those very interesting places isTexarkana—a City known for blending two great cultures…where the south meets the west. Located on the border of Texas and Arkansas, Texarkana is comprised of two cities with the same name but in different states. The Texarkana cities are
connected by a man made line—State Line Avenue, which runs right through the center of Texarkana.

The great news is that if you live in Texarkana Texas or Texarkana Arkansas, you can enjoy Eli’s Cheesecake. Thank you T.M. for this great note!! As a family business, we appreciate you passing on your passion to your children

“Several years ago I had a terrible craving for cheesecake (you see I was pregnant at the time!!) I sent my husband to the market to get some and he came back with a single serving plain Eli’s. I have been smitten ever since. Here in Texarkana , you can only get the single serving at the local market. I have eaten cheesecake for breakfast, late night snacks, ect. I make my own cheesecake and have for years, but Eli’s is by far the best cheesecake in the world!! with each bite you can taste the time and love put into the recipe and creation of this one of a kind delicacy. Keep up the good work. I am now passing on my passion to my children!! They too are in love with Eli’s!!”