Now that things seem to be working again around here, I should post some more food blogs to add to the list.

Blog from our Kitchen

Cooking for Leslie “This blog is my attempt to document my foray into semi-serious cooking, which I dedicate (both my writing and my cooking) to my lovely wife Leslie (who is a spicy dish all on her own)”

Culinary Detective A food columnist and police detective probably knows the best places to eat. Los Angeles.

efoodie “the everyday gourmet”

Eli’s Cheesecake Blog

A Finger in Every Pie

Fresh Approach Cooking by a chef instructor from L.A. There’s a good, recent post on how to read a recipe

Case by Case Sam’s Wine and Spirits Blog. Full of great wine knowledge like this post on what to drink with vegetables ” Part of the problem is that certain vegetables contain chemicals or components that are hostile to most wines and spoil their taste. For example, artichokes contain a unique organic ester, cynarin, which stimulates the sweetness receptors in the taste buds. Cynarin makes everything, even water, taste sweeter for a short time.”

Speaking of Wine Blogs, there’s now a Wine Blog Watch to tell us when all of the new “Oenoblogs” are updating. Of course there’s plenty of them with clever names like 750mL, this heaven gives me a migrane and Spitoon.

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