Last year, the Inaugural Father’s Day Family Bike Ride sponsored by Eli’s Cheesecake, Wright College and Rudy’s Bike Shop attraced 65 rider. This year, we had over 170 participants as word got out about what a great time and ride everyone had. With the support of the Chicago Bicycle Federation, the Chicago Police Department and Mayor Daley’s Bike Ambassadors, we extended the ride to 10 miles.

The route for the Father’s Day Family Ride took our riders from Eli’s, through the Wright Campus, past Smyser School and parts of the Portage Park Community. We then crossed over the Kennedy Expressway at Gladstone Park and went up to Norwood Park before returning to Eli’s.


Before the ride started, Mayor Daley’s Bicycle Ambassadors made a presentation on bike safety.

The Bicycle Ambassadors and the Chicago Police Department ensured a safe ride for the big crowd..








We are very proud that this was a Family Ride and we had many Father’s and Mother’s bring children to participate. Safety and fun were
foremost for all.

Charles Guengerich, President of Wright College, and an event co-sponsor brought a contingent of riders from Wright—the Wright Cycling Club.

Every rider appreciated a water stop at Norwood Park. Our thanks to Eli’s Event Chair, Debbie Osman, on the left, and Maria White for providing the respite.

The Father’s Day Family Ride would not have been possible without the support of (f-r) Lt. Jeff Gale or the Chicago Police Department and
his team of officers, Eli’s Foundation Head, Mary Gale, and State Representative Joe Lyons. Joe provided prizes for our raffle and was a great participant in the ride.

The Portage Park and Wright Community is fortunate to have the expertise, service and committment of Rudy and the staff of Rudy’s Cycle & Fitness, a landmark in our neighborhood.

Rudy and Chuck Guengerich of Wright celebrate the success of the 2nd Annual Father’s Day Family Ride.

State Rep. Joe Lyons (l) and Eli’s President, Marc Schulman (r) congratulate President Chuck Guengerich of Wright for his support of the event and for organizing a Wright Cycling Team for the event.

Bob Mann of Eli’s and Galina Mann congratulate Debbie Osman on her planning for this successful event for Eli’s, Wright and Rudy’s. Look forward to joining us next year on Sunday, June 17h for the 3rd Annual Father’s Day Family Ride.