Eli’s Cheesecake is fortunate to have its long standing educational partnership with Wright College, which we call “Eli’s U.” Whenever we have an educational need at Eli’s, the Business and Industry Services Division finds a way to develop a course to meet the needs of our people.

One of most dedicated and longest term group of associates is our Sanitation and Cookie Bakers, who create our signature crust. Making sure that the bakery meets the highest standards of quality possible and baking our
crusts is an important job that goes on throughout the night. This is a group that has a number of individuals for whom English is a Second language and there was a need for the class in the early evening at the beginning of their work day.

Chris Wilkersen and Jan Baccus of Wright assisted us in developing a grant request to the Illinois Secretary of State Office, which is headed by Jesse White, known as the creator of the Jesse White Tumblers, who alway fly over our cheesecake during the annual Eli’s Cheesecake Festival.