Over the years, one of the greatest challenges I have faced is where to be at lunch time. Our location on the northwest side is 30 minutes from Michigan Avenue, so a trip to Eli’s the Place for Steak for lunch and back would take up a big chunk of the day.

One of our dreams when we built Eli’s Cheesecake World was to offer great fresh food daily for our neighbors, guests and associates. We have been declared the #1 food tour in the country by “Top 5″ on the Food Network and we want to be to say that we also offer the best sandwich and salads in town, followed by the biggest assortment of Eli’s desserts anywhere.

With the unfortunate closing of Eli’s the Place for Steak at the end of July due to the demolition of our building by Northwestern Memorial Hospital, we have had the opportunity to combine our talents from our steakhouse with the culinary expertise at Eli’s Cheesecake World.

Our weekly Farmers Market barbecues on Thursdays during the summer have become legenday and we want to give our guests the great quality and service that my dad became famous for over his 50 year career in the restaurant business, including operating Chicago’s most popular deli, Eli’s Stage

We were fortunate to have Chef Fidel, a 17 year veteran of Eli’s the Place for Steak, join Chef Antonio, our opening chef at the Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe. Together, they are working to expand our daily (Monday through Saturday) lunch offerings in the Cafe.

Below Chef Fidel is serving homemade pizza, meat loaf and roast turkey.

Come in and join us for lunch soon!