On Thursday, November 17th, all of us at Eli’s Cheesecake were delighted to host the culinary students and their teachers from the Chicago Vocational Career Academy.

In Chicago, we take great pride in our Chicago made foods, restaurants and culinary education at the high school and college level. The future of all facets of our food industry is based on being able to recruit and retain bright young people for the future.

We congratulate the culinary educators at CVCA, Chef David Fuller and ETC Coordinators, Yvette Arnold and Yvonne Tate for their commitment to their students and to excellence in the food industry.




The students and staff from the culinary program at CVCA getting ready for their bakery tour.

Kim Reynolds, a senior at the Illinois Institute of Art in Pastry, and a pastry intern at Eli’s Cheesecake spoke with the students about her career in library services and then following her passion in baking and pastry.

Eli’s President, Marc Schulman, Eli’s Pastry Chef Intern Kim Reynolds, Eli’s Executive Vice President, Jolene Worthington, with Chef David Fuller of CVCA. Worthington is a Governing Board Member of the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago and Fuller is a graduate of that program.