There are very few days of the year when Eli’s rests. Between our cookie crust bakers who bake through the night and on Sundays, our Cafe which is open every day of the week and our main activities at the bakery, there is almost always alot of things going on.

One of the days that Eli’s rests is Thanksgiving. It allows me to continue a tradition that dates back over 38 years–to when I was in 7th grade—playing the Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving Day with the same group of friends that I went to junior high school with at Old Orchard Junior High and then High School at Nile North.

Over the years, the goal of the game has moved from victory to survival. Today Turkey Bowl XXXVIII was complicated by being the coldest Thanksgiving Day in Chicago in 50 years.

The teams gather to celebrate a successful Turkey Bowl—no one got hurt.

The Turkey is a great way to get out of the bakery.


Our team lost the Turkey Bowl 2 to 1 in overtime. Here I congratulate Dr. Michael Ruchim of the University of Michigan and Weiss Hospital. Mike caught a long pass thrown by Harry Kramer to end the game in sudden death.