Our daughter, Elana’s, favorite television show is “What Not to Wear” and its talented hosts, Clinton and Stacey. Elana and my wife, Maureen, were shopping in a vintage store on the north side and met several producer from WNTW who were interviewing a nominator to get more information on a candidate for a wardrobe makeover. The producers were intrigued with the Eli’s Cheesecake Story and scheduled a special visit by Clinton and Stacey.

The result was this week’s “What Not To Wear” airing this coming Friday, January 6th at 8pm CST. We had a great time with Clinton and Stacey, and Robin, the winner of a very interesting competition between three teachers.

Elana, Marc and Maureen with Clinton and Stacey

Clinton and Stacey enjoying a very special WNTW Cheesecake created by Eli’s for their visit.

The visit by WNTW was a total Eli’s team effort. Thanks to all our people for making this visit so successful.