On Thursday, February 2nd, the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences hosted the Chicago Public Schools Kickoff Rally for Job Shadow Day. Our thanks to famous television journalist and cattle rancher, Bill Kurtis, who was our guest of honor for the determination of when winter will end.

At Eli’s, we look forward to Monday and Tuesday of next week when we are hosting our job shadow students from CHSAS.

Bill, the CHSAS students and the Ground Hog concur….early Spring. That makes sense when the last month in Chicago has all been above average in temperature.

Marc and Maureen Schulman greet the CHSAS ground hog.

Bill Kurtis shares the story of his career and passion for the land and cattle ranching with the CHSAS students.

Bill Kurtis is joined by the FFA Officers, State Representative Mary Flowers. ETC Chief Officer Jill Wine Banks, LSC Chair and Advisory Board Co-Chair Rouhy Shalabi, Principal David Gilligan and Eli’s, Marc Schulman, Co-Chair of the CHSAS Advisory Board.

Bill tours the CHSAS grounds and feeds one of the school’s horses.