All of us at Eli’s Cheesecake are delighted to welcome visitors to our bakery from around the City, the State and the country. Because of our interest in agriculture and after just finishing our Groundhog Job Shadow Day activities with CHSAS, it was great to see the story below from the Star Courier in Kewanee, Illinois, which is almost 3 hours west of Chicago and Eli’s and over 153 miles away.

We look forward to welcoming the ladies of the Farm Bureau and to share the story of how our products are made by artisans with such great care and the also giving the guests the Ultimate Eli’s Experience.”

Farm Bureau plans Ladies Day Out


By Star Courier

Updated: Tuesday, February 7, 2006 9:36

CAMBRIDGE — The Henry County Farm Bureau is scheduling a ‘‘Ladies Day Out’’ on Wednesday, April 5.

The group is planning a “Sweet Delight” trip to Chicago.

The group will leave around 6 a.m. and arrive in Chicago around 10, with a break stop along the way.

The first stop will be Eli’s Cheesecake Factory for The Ultimate Eli’s Experience.

Included will be a bakery tour, lunch at Eli’s, cheesecake tasting, cheesecake decorating for each guest, and an Eli’s t-shirt.


After that the group will tour the Long Grove confectionery.

They will shop at the Factory store where purchases can be made.

The group will head home around 4 p.m. and will make a meal stop along the way, which will not be included, so supper will be on your own.

Arrival home will be around 8 p.m.

To make reservations or for more information call the Farm Bureau at 937-2411.