The Eli’s Cookbook Author Signings

The Eli’s Cheesecake Cookbook: Remarkable Recipes from a Chicago Legend has received much media coverage since its launch party on Sunday, November 8th. Authors Maureen Schulman and Diana Moles, and Chef Laurel Boger, have showcased this book in various media outlets and book signings, which have brought great success and popularity to The Eli’s Cheesecake Company.


On Sunday, December 6th, author Maureen Schulman and chef Laurel Boger presented an Egg Nog Cheesecake from the cookbook on ABC 7 Chicago Sunday Morning News.


Book signings:


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Holiday Dinner at the Sunshine Activity Center

Eli’s has developed a reputation for giving back to the community, especially during the holidays. On Monday, December 14th, The Eli’s Cheesecake Company hosted the Sunshine Activity Center’s Annual Holiday Dinner. A team of 13 Eli’s associates volunteered for this event. Eli’s associate, Gabriela Gomez, organized the event and asked that volunteers bring a gift(s) for a Sunshine Club guest(s). Chef Antonio prepared a great Italian dinner for the group which was then followed by Santa presenting gifts for each of the club members. The event ended with dessert, which featured Eli’s Oreo Cheesecake, of course and Bingo, led by chef Diana Moles.

The Sunshine Activity Center is a Not-for-Profit Organization dedicated to the development of life skills in persons with developmental disabilities. Service provision is geared toward adults within a supportive and nurturing environment. 

Eli’s Cheesecakes’ Holiday Events

The Eli’s Cheesecake Company has many ways celebrate this holiday season. Last night, Dec. 8 between the hours of 5-7pm CST, Eli’s Cheesecake, located on 6701 W. Forest Preserve Drive, hosted it’s annual Holiday Open House. The open house consisted of many activities such as spin-and-win wheel where guests were able to win some Eli’s exclusive merchandise, cheesecake decorating, where guests were able to decorate their own free slice of cheesecake, a cheesecake buffet where guests were able to sample a variety of cheesecakes, a live DJ playing holiday music, raffles, a selfie-booth, gift wrapping, and store-wide sales.

Here’s a re-cap of last night:



The Holiday Open House is just the beginning of Eli’s holiday fun. Here are some other big events coming up:

1.) Dock Sale and Cafe Shopping & Entertainment – Dec. 12th, 9am-1pm (Dock); 9am-5pm (Store)

Customers can shop the dock for Eli’s biggest and last dock sale of the year. It will be held at Eli’s Cheesecake World and customers can expect some unbelievable sale prices. Cheesecakes ranging from the signature Original Plain to the Holiday Sampler make the perfect holiday gift or for any other occasion. Customers can also expect some live entertainment with a DJ Playing some holiday tunes to get them in the spirit. The dock sale takes place at Eli’s shipping dock at 6701 W. Forest Preserve Drive, Chicago, as well as in the cafe.

In addition to the dock sale, there will be a special book signing for The Eli’s Cheesecake Cookbook featuring authors Chef Diana Moles, Chef Jolene Worthington and Maureen Schulman from 10am-1pm.

2.) In Store Dock Sale and Activities in the Cafe – Dec. 19th, 9am-5pm

It’s the last Saturday before Christmas, and Eli’s Cheesecake wants to help everyone get their desserts in time and at affordable prices. Customers who shop at the in-store dock sale can expect special sale prices, demonstrations by Eli’s Pastry Chefs of “Finishing Touches” from Eli’s Cheesecake Cookbook, and some great holiday cheer, of course.

Click here to get a full list of in-store events and specials for the month of December.

Eli’s Holiday Store Hours:

Extended Hours (8am-7pm) on December 8th & December 23rd

Shortened Hours (8am-3pm) on December 24th & December 31st

Closed All Day on December 25th & January 1st

The Eli’s Cheesecake Cookbook featured on WGN Radio

On November 29, Eli’s Cheesecake Owners Marc and Maureen Schulman joined Dean Richards on WGN radio’s “Foodtime Show” segment to discuss The Eli’s Cheesecake Cookbook. During the show Marc and Maureen discussed the rich history of Chicago food and Eli’s Schulman’s influential role in the Chicago food industry. While Eli’s Cheesecake is known for cheesecakes, the cookbook does not solely focus on cheesecakes. Instead, the cookbook is a combination of traditional Chicago dishes, influenced by Eli’s Place for Steak, such as “Liver Eli” and “Shrimp Marc,” favorite cheesecakes, and useful tips and tricks. Richards thus named the cookbook as “retro,” given its revival of Chicago classics. Maureen was able to give some book details including some of the available recipes as well as her top favorites.


Click here to listen to the full show.

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2015 Eli’s Dock Sale & Light’s Festival


On Saturday, Nov. 21st, Eli’s Cheesecake Company hosted  and participated in two major events: the annual Thanksgiving Dock Sale at the bakery cafe and the 24th annual BMO Harris Bank Magnificent Mile Lights Festival.

As the holiday season kicks in, Eli’s Cheesecake will continue to provide great deals for customers and participate in holiday fun, like the Lights Festival. The annual Thanksgiving Dock Sale began from 9am-1pm and customers were able to save up to 40% off, which is the biggest sale of the year.

Eli’s Cheesecake’s tent at The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival Lane was open from 11am-4pm and while temperatures were low, and the snow was coming down full force, there were lines of people eager to decorate a free slice of plain cheesecake. It has become tradition that the students from the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences  help in the cheesecake decorating process. The CHSAS students were in the holiday spirit and sang some cheesecake holiday tunes, making the guest’s experience memorable. Individuals also had the opportunity to receive a free cheesecake slice or whole cheesecake if they donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository who also shared the tent with Eli’s Cheesecake.

Enjoy some of the images captured from these two events below.

2015 Seneca Park & Eli M. Schulman Playground Tree Lighting

On Nov. 19th, President and CEO of Eli’s Cheesecake, Marc Schulman, participated in the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at Seneca Park & Eli M. Schulman Playground located on 220 E. Chicago Ave. This tree lighting ceremony kicks off the holiday season and is a prelude to the Magnificent Mile Light’s Festival of which Marc Schulman is a co-founder.




On October of 1988, the Chicago Park District designated half of the park as the site of a playground in memory of Eli M. Schulman, a local restaurateur and founder of The Eli’s Cheesecake Company. On May 7, 1990, the playground officially opened.

Eli M. Schulman had a passion for serving the community. He developed a reputation for providing outstanding service and making every customer feel important. This can be exemplified by a sign hanging in his restaurant’s window stating, “if you are hungry and have no money we will feed you for free,” during the great depression. His motto, “Charity will never bust you,” is at the heart of Eli’s Cheesecake. Eli’s Cheesecake continues to support the community, organizations, and city efforts.


*For a full history timeline of Eli’s Cheesecake click here.

Reception for Aaron Easter Scholars

On Monday, November 16th, Eli’s Cheesecake President, Marc Schulman, along with his wife, Maureen Schulman and VP of Purchasing and Operations, Jeff Anderson, participated in the third annual reception for recipients of the Aaron Easter Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to graduates of the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences attending the College of Agriculture, Consumer & Environmental Sciences at UIUC. Each year two students are awarded with the scholarship.

Eli’s Cheesecake has a long-standing relationship with the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. Marc Schulman co-chairs in CHSAS’s Business Advisory Board. As of today, Marc Schulman has helped provide 14 students with scholarships, including the Eli M. Schulman & Robert Hatoff Memorial Scholarship, which is given in the name of our Founder and his dearest friend, Robert Hatoff. 


Eli’s Cheesecake at the 1st Annual Disability Inclusion Opportunity Summit

Today, November 17, Marc Schulman, President of The Eli’s Cheesecake Company, represented Eli’s Cheesecake on the “Doing It Right” Panel Discussion that was part of the 1st Annual Disability Inclusion Opportunity Summit held at Blue Cross Blue Shield. Part of the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, this was a way to encourage best practices by business and institutions in their workforce. It was a pleasure to talk about Eli’s People and our partners at the Anixter Center, Sunshine Center, Vaughn High School, New Horizons Center and the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. For more information on our community partners, click here.

Eleni Giannakopoulos, the Assistant In House Counsel and Director of Development for El Valor, was also in attendance. El Valor is a community organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities succeed. Eleni is the daughter of Georgia Giannakopoulos, a long time Eli’s Decorator and Trainer, and it is great to see Eleni’s success and service to the community.


Marc Schulman with Eleni Giannakopoulos

Marc Schulman with Eleni Giannakopoulos

Eli’s Cheesecake Cookbook Launch Party



On Sunday, November 8th, Eli’s Cheesecake Company hosted a launch party for their first Cookbook, which can be currently pre-ordered and found here. Over 200 guests came to celebrate this special event with us. Guests were able to enjoy live music from violinist Kat V, entertainment from the Jesse White Tumblers, which you can click here to see, IMG_0249, and sample some of the cheesecakes from the cookbook.

Here are some of the highlights from the launch party:

Social Media highlights from guests:

Eli’s Cheesecake will Participate in the 38th Annual Restaurateurs Event

On Friday, November 6th, The Eli’s Cheesecake Co. will participate alongside other notable Illinois restaurants in the 2015 Illinois Restaurant Association’s (IRA) Chef’s Table at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Chicago. This event celebrates and honors the food industry in Illinois while also bringing together professionals in a networking environment. The proceeds of the benefit go towards IRA’s Educational Foundation Scholarship as well as their ProStar program which aims at developing high school talent.

Eli’s Cheesecake is proud to participate in IRA’s 38th Annual Chef’s Table event. Tickets to the event can be purchased here.