Chef "Rhymefest  "Smith at Eli's

Che “Rhymefest” Smith comes to visit Eli’s Cheesecake and Eli’s President Marc Schulman to pickup over 100 Eli’s Cheesecake’s to bring to needy families for Thanksgiving in connection with Che’s delivery of Turkeys.

Best know as “Rhymefest,” his stage name, Che Smit is a Chicago artist, musician and social activist who has used his success in music as a platform to promote social change.

In 2005, Che won a Grammy Award for “Jesus Walks”, which he co-wrote with friend Kanye West. He quickly used that notoriety to draw attention to critical issues that confront his community. He lent his services to The Happiness Club, a group that Eli’s supports to help develop the musical talents of at-risk youth in Chicago’s inner-city. As a vocal proponent of bringing jobs to struggling communities, Che has worked with business leaders to attract new retail to underserved neighborhoods. He has supported The Woodlawn Organization, Cabrini Connections and other neighborhood organizations throughout Chicago.

As a vocal advocate for the rights of people in the entertainment industry, Che testified before Congress and worked with Congressman John Conyers, Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee, Congressman Hank Johnson, along with leaders in the music industry. He met with British Prime Minister David Cameron to discuss the impact the hip hop community can have on politics and social activism and, following that meeting, Prime Minister Cameron formed Hugs for Hoodies.

Che is currently a candidate for Alderman in the 20th Ward of Chicago which includes the  Woodlawn, Park Manor, Washington Park, Englewood, New City, and Back of the Yards neighborhoods.

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