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Eli Cheesecake got Adopted

A special thanks to the Oeter family and Rover Rescue for watching over Eli Cheesecake and making sure he ends up in a wonderful new home.  Eli Cheesecake was recently adopted into a new family. Congratulations to the new owners of Eli Cheesecake. 

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“Eli Cheesecake” is more than just your Cheesecake Company

We are honored to have a foster dog be named after Eli’s Cheesecake.  Eli’s Cheesecake is a proud supporter of animal lovers everywhere.  To whoever adopts this dog, you will have a wonderful pet.  We will be sending a free cheesecake to the forever home owner of Eli Cheesecake after three months.  Thank you Melissa for your support and dedication to Eli’s Cheesecake. If you or anyone you know wants to adopt this cute little puppy check out Melissa’s blog at

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