One of our longest traditions at Eli’s is our Dock Sale, which orignally was
a tent sale at our first bakery on Dakin Street. Imagine a cold and rainy
Chicago day with a frigid wind chill factor. That was the conditions our
associate, Hilda Carillo, faced back in the early 90′s when we hosted the events
in the Tent. (Hilda is on the right in the photo with Pat Pross on the left).
Our thanks to our Cafe Manager, Kari Miller, for her great work in planning the
day and the support of so many of our associates.

Today the sale is on our Dock, so conditions are far nicer. We do it only a
handful of days each year; one before Easter, on the weekend of our Annual Eli’s
Cheesecake Festival, once on the Saturday before Thanksgiving (also
Magnicificent Mile Lights Festival Saturday), and twice in December–this year
the 11th and next week, December 18th. The exciting part of the Dock Sale is
that you never know what to expect. We have customers in many different
businesses and different countries, so you can find everything from tray
desserts that we created for luxury hotels, to single serve desserts, to some of
our new in development products.


This year we also teamed up with our neighbor, Spectra Merchandising, which
has a division callled to make the shopping experience a
little more unique. Their holiday sale dates matched ours and we encouraged
customers to shop Eli’s and efactoryoutlet. us by giving gifts if you made a
purchase in a minimum amount at the other comapany. We will be doing this again
on December 18th and also partnering with the New Horizons Center for the
Developmentally Disabled which will be raising funds for its new facility.

Once you visited the Dock Sale, you had to come up to Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe
for a special performance by the Austrian Choir. This group of over 30 community
members attracted a big crowd.

That afternoon (and scheduled again on December 18th), we hosted Holiday
Cookie Baking in our Bakery. This is a sellout each year as families make it a
tradition to bake together at Eli’s. We have all the supplies and provide lunch
for theguests at a nominal charge.

This is just a preview of what to expect on December 18th so try to visit us
that day or any other day before Christmas. The Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe has a
great selection of Eli’s specialty desserts and cheesecakes and is fun to visit
for dessert, lunch and shopping.

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