We are very proud of our long partnership with Labe Bank. From sponsoring the annual Eli’s Cheesecake Festival to monthly bingo at Eli’s, and the recent addition of our Labe Bank ATM in the Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe, Labe is an active member of the Eli’s & Wright Community, always working for the benefit of our business, our people and neighbors.

It was therefore an honor for us to participate in the kickoff of Labe’s 100 Year Celebration (1905-2005) on Tuesday, June 28th at the Ravinia Festival for the Beach Boys Concert. In keeping with the theme of the importance of its people and customers, Labe sponsored the sold out evening at this historic summer music festival and brought busloads of its people (according to Lowell Stahl, the Chairman, its most precious asset), members of the Good Life Club, which is the premiere senior group in the Chicago area and customers.

A great Bank deserves a great cake. Here is the 100 lb. Eli’s Cheesecake for the 100th Anniversary of Labe Bank.

The Eli’s Cheesecake is cut before several hundred Labe associates, Good Life Members and customers at Ravinia by Labe Vice Chairman, Don Versen, Eli’s President, Marc Schulman, Labe President, Dave Arts, and Labe Chairman, Lowell Stahl.

The Beach Boys on stage at Ravinia. It was a warm but comfortable evening with the lawn and Pavilion totally sold out

Labe customers and friends lit the night with their Labe necklaces

Labe fans come in all ages

Labe’s biggest booster, Chairman Lowell Stahl, and wife, Nancy, enjoying the Beach Boys.

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