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Eli’s Cheesecake Pep Rally for the Bears profiled in the Harlem-Irving Times

We were delighted that Mary Beth Jakstys, our Regional Sales Manager for the Chicago Market, brought her sons, Jason, Justin and Jacob, to our Pep Rally on January 17th for the Bears. Great photo below in the Harlem-Irving Times.

The Pep Rally was a great success and we look forward to our Pep Rally on Monday, January 29th at 11am to cheer the Bears on to victory in the Super Bowl.

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Eli’s Hosts a Pep Rally for the Chicago Bears

Eli’s had a pep rally to cheer on the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship Game. The Ridgewood High School cheerleaders joined Fran of, Justin Butler of the Happiness Club and Chicago Idol and Eli’s
Big Slice to cheer on a crowd at the Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe.

Thanks to the Ridgewood High School Cheerleaders for bringing their cheers and energy to our Bears Pep Rally.

Fran from with her special Eli’s Cheesecake Dancers, Haley and Chris.

Justin Butler along with Eli’s chief Bear Fans, Mike and Lenny, teaches the fans the words to the “Super Bowl Shuffle.”

Eli’s Mary Beth brings boys out for the pep rally, while Eli’s Pat, Maria, Helen and Debbie get ready to cheer.

With spirit like this, there is no way that the Bears can lose!

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Bears Win; On the Road to Miami and the Super Bowl

In 1986, there was no internet, desk top computers took up a desktop and Eli’s Cheesecake was just a few years old. Tonight we celebrate in Chicago and on or Blog with this great victory by the Bears.

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Eli’s Cheesecake Brings Bears Fever to ABC 7 News at 11am

Eli’s Pastry Chef Laurel Boger, with the assistance of Eli’s Decorator Myra Mendez, provided dessert ideas for this Sunday’s NFC Championship Game for ABC 7 anchors Linda Yu and Sylvia Perez. Boger demonstrated several dessert ideas that you can create at home, that you can find at the Eli’s Cheesecake Bakery Cafe or order online.

Just a few of the treats for the Big Game that are available at the Eli’s Cheesecake Bakery Cafe.

Perez and Yu join Fran Viray of, and Haley and Chris of Eli’s who did a preview of the original Bears Dance that they will be performing today at the Bears Pep Rally at Eli’s at 11am. Also featured will be singer Justin Butler and the cheerleading team from Ridgewood High School.

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Daley Tells New Orleans Mayor Nagin: We’re On Your Side, But Not On Sunday

Eli’s Cheesecake was part of the City of Chicago and Mayor Daleys wager with Mayor Nagin on who will win the Bears vs. Saints game on Sunday January 21, 2007. Mayor Daley stated that “I want the people of New Orleans to know that the people of Chicago wish you only the best – but we’re
putting our support on hold for about three hours on Sunday afternoon.”

In addition to cheesecake from Eli’s Cheesecake, the Mayor wagered tortilla chips, jalapenos, and cheese from Azteca Foods, beer
from Berghoff Beer, wine from Glunz Wine, a grill from Weber Grill, burgers and sausages from Moo & Oink, chips from C.J. Vitner Co., coffee from Stewarts Coffee, ribs from Robinson’s Ribs, pizza from Lou Malnati’s and nuts from Fisher’s Nuts.

Mayor Daley was very impressed with Eli’s 20 lb. slice of Eli’s Original with cherries on top. He agreed with Eli’s Marc Schulman that the slice was big, just like the Bears victory would be, so no shipping to New Orleans would be necessary.




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Bears Win! Chicago Bears Football plays a very important role in Eli’s History

The Chicago Bears have played an important role in Eli’s history. My dad, Eli Schulman, was 10 years old when George Halas founded the Decatur Staley’s and then brought them to Chicago as the Bears. Over the 86 years since then, we have watched the Bears bring so much excitement to Chicago.

George Halas was a regular customer of Eli’s and a dear friend to Eli’s. Ed McCaskey, the Chairman of the Bears and the husband of Virginia McCaskey, was a regular lunch guest at Eli’s and would regale Eli, Howard Bedno, Steve Neal and other guests with his stories of service in World War II and his singing career during the big band era. When George Halas Jr. tragically died in 1979, Eli closed Eli’s the Place for Steak for the night to host a private dinner for all of the owners in the NFL.

Through Ed McCaskey, Eli befriended a young Bears Running Back by the name of Brian Piccolo. These were very exciting time for the Bears as the combination of Gale Sayers and Piccolo were on and off the football field. It was Eli and Ed McCaskey that made a special trip to New York to Sloan- Kettering to bring cheer to Brian Piccolo during his valliant fight against lung cancer.

Over all these years, Eli was busy every Sunday delivering corn beef sandwiches to the famed radio broadcasting team of Jack Brickhouse and Irv Kupcinet. From 1953 until 1976, Brick and Kup were the voice of the Bears and Eli hand cut and hand delivered the sandwiches to the game.

With all these ties, it is no coincidence that one of the most famous events for Eli’s Cheesecake came in January of 1986 when the Bears went to New Orleans to play the New England Patriots. Then Mayor Harold Washington went on national television to announce the Chicago delicacies that he brought to New Orleans, first and foremost, Eli’s Cheesecake.

We congratulate the Bears Team of 2006-2007 for their 13-3 regular season and win on Sunday over the Seattle Seahawks with a score of 27 to 24. This was the Bears first playoff victory since 1994 and sets up a great game this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints for the NFC Championship.

It was only a few months ago that we celebrated the first snow ball throw of the season with Rex Grossman and Starbucks. Well, Rex proved his football throwing ability on Sunday with 282 yard in the air including the clutch 30 yard pass to Rashied Davis in overtime that set up Robbie Gould’s 49 yard field goal for the win.

Chicago and Eli’s will be Bear Crazy this week!

A great day of celebration for the Bears and Chicago!

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Dick Johnson of NBC 5 Chicago Bets Eli’s Cheesecake with Charlie Gardner of the Seattle Times on the Bears Game Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks

Anchorman Bets Bounty On Bears Victory

POSTED: 10:30 am CST January 10, 2007

UPDATED: 11:34 am CST January 10, 2007

CHICAGO — Mayors in cities involved in big sports contests often make bets on which team will win, so NBC5′s morning team decided they, too, should throw down the gauntlet, challenging a childhood friend of Dick Johnson’s who now works in national advertising for the Seattle Times.

Charlie Gardner called into NBC5 News Today Wednesday to exchange friendly sports banter with Johnson and the team. Each offered their bounty of goods to the other, dependent on the outcome of Sunday’s matchup at Soldier Field.

“On the virtually impossible chance that the Seahawks beat us,” Johnson said, “we are promising Charlie and his co-workers at the Times three Lou Malanati’s pizzas, plus an Eli’s cheesecake that he forced us to throw in.”

The news team would also have to wear Seahawks and Seattle hats on the air, he said.

Speaking at a very early Pacific Standard Time by phone, Gardner offered three pounds of “mouthwatering and delicious smoked salmon from the great Northwest,” along with a congratulatory ad in his award-winning newspaper’s sports section, which would include pictures of the NBC5 morning team.

Gardner said that neither the Seahawks nor the team’s fans are concerned about the possibility of foul weather at Soldier Field Sunday, considering they’ve suffered some of Seattle’s worst weather in decades over the past several months.

“We’ve seen the rain, the snow, the sleet, the wind and everything in the past few months, and we’re looking forward to (Chicago’s weather),” he said

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Talking About Football–Eli’s Provides Dessert for Starbucks First Snowball Throw of the Year featuring Quarterback Rex Grossman of the Chicago Bears

Eli’s Cheesecake was delighted to provide Peppermint Crunch Brownies for the crowd that came to the Merchandise Mart on Tuesday, November 14th when Bears Quarterback Rex Grossman challenged Chicagoans to the first snowball throw of the year.

The event, celebrating the return of Starbucks national holiday launch of beverages, iconic red cups and merchandise, gave fans an opportunity to throw snowballs through wreath targets, housed in a three-dimensional
holiday-themed backdrop with finalists then competing directly against Grossman. Fans were invited to contribute to WGN Neediest Kids Fund so the day helped make the holidays nicer for others.

Rex Grossman is a great snow ball thrower as well as quarterback.

The target was a holiday themed backdrop that attracted fans of all ages.

Rex celebrates a successful throw.

Eli’s Marc Schulman offers a sample of Eli’s Peppermint Crunch Brownie to Rex Grossman

Eli’s Brian Cravens and Pat Pross with Rex

ABC 7 Sportscaster Jim Rose offers Grossman a football for the competition. Rose spent thousands of hours in the past year building the Swan House for a worthy family in need.

Now in his 4th year as quarterback for the Chicago Bears, So far this season, Grossman has passed for over 2,200 yards with 18 touchdowns for the 9-1 Bears. The Bears are off to their best start since 1990.

Santa enjoys his Peppermint Crunch Brownie from Eli’s.

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Eli, McCormick Place and George Halas of the Chicago Bears

This Fall all eyes are upon Soldier’s Field as our Chicago Bears are off to the best start since the Super Bowl season. Soldier’s Field is in the shadows of McCormick Place, our center of the convention industry in Chicago.

Football and McCormick Place came together on the date of this dedication of the George Halas Mall back in 1983 when Eli and then McCormick Place Chairman Jim Sheerin celebreated the dedication with Virginia McCaskey,
daughter of Papa Bear and wife of Eli’s dear friend, Ed McCaskey.

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Tribute to Ed McCaskey– of the Chicago Bears and dear friend of Eli’s

My dad, Eli had a great lunch group at Eli’s the Place for Steak. Each day, politicians, business people and old friends from over the years would gather for great camaraderie, conversation and lunch.

One of Eli’s favorite guests and dearest friends was Ed McCaskey, the Chairman Emeritus of the Chicago Bears, and husband of Virginia McCaskey, the daughter of Bears founder, George Halas.

Ed loved music, the horses, his friends and gardening. When Brian Piccolo of the Chicago Bears became critically ill in the story retold in the book and movie, Biran’s Song, it was Ed and my dad that went to New York to cheer him up during his unsuccessful battle to fight cancer.

On the Friday before Father’s Day, the Chicago Bears and McCaskey family dedicated the Ed McCaskey Memorial Garden at Halas Hall in Lake Forest. Ed loved to plant, weed and watch the fruits of his labor so the family wisely decided that a garden would be a wonderful testament to his memory.

It is most fitting that there is an Eli M. Schulman Playground at Seneca Park in Chicago and an Ed McCaskey Garden in Lake Forest. We wish the best of happiness to the McCaskey family and to a championship season for the Chicago Bears

Photo of the Ed McCaskey Memorial Garden at Halas Hall

Ed McCaskey with Eli and dear friend, Howard Bedno

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