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Eli’s Proud to Partner with Borders Books as a Venue for the World Music Festival

The Borders Book & Music Stores in Chicago are perfect destinations to enjoy the World Music Festival. The first performance by Sara
Tavares is on the evening of Thursday, September 14th at the Michigan Avenue Borders and continues through Thursday, the 21st of September with a final performance by Carmen Consoli. Over the course of the week, there are performances at the Borders stores on State Street, in Hyde Park, Clark Street in Lakeview, North Avenue and Broadway in Uptown.

We are delighted that Borders, one of our important customers nationally, has highlighted our World Music Festival performances on Sunday, September 17th by Heather Maxwell and Afrika Soul and Son Trinidad.

All of these performances are free and are part of this wonderful cultural week organized by the Office of Cultural Affairs of the City
of Chicago.



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Eli’s Featured at Cafe Borders in June; Stop in and pick up a paper back edition of My Life By Bill Clinton

Long summer days are a perfect time to visit Borders Books & Music. There are three great reasons to visit Borders in the near future:

1. Borders is featuring our Turtle Brownie and a small premium coffee for $2.99. A great treat and a great deal.

2. Through June 19th, Borders is offering 25% off the regular price of one item. Visit the Borders web site at to print your coupon.

3. Vintage Books just released the first paperback edition of My Life by Bill Clinton. In the earlier editions, it was unclear where Bill Clinton visited on Thursday, March 12th, 1992 in Illinois. Now it reads:

In Illinois, I visited (Eli’s) Cheesecake with black, Hispanic, and Eastern European immigrant employees to highlight the company’s committment to giving all employees who hadn’t finished high school access to a GED Program. I met a new citizen from Romania who said he would cast his first vote for me.

Thanks Bill and Thanks Borders for featuring Eli’s.


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Bill Clinton and Eli’s Cheesecake–Both Featured at Borders Books in June

The most anxiously awaited book of 2004 is “My Life” by Bill Clinton. The
best place to get this blockbuster will be at Borders Books, where you can
preorder one for 30% off. At the same time that you visit Borders, be sure to
visit the Borders Cafe to enjoy a slice of Eli’s Carrot Cake with a
complimentary cup of coffee during the month of June.

Borders is a great partner of Eli’s. Borders introduced our Original and
Totally Turtle Cheesecake to all Cafes last year and expanded the Eli’s program
this year with our Low Carb Cheesecake, Carrot Cake and two dessert
bars–Chocolate Truffle Brownie and Apple Cinnamon Oat Bran. Also in the midwest
and parts of the northeast, you can enjoy an expanded Eli’s program with items
including Mud Pie and White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake.

This weekend, our Pastry Chef, Laurel Boger, will be participating in the
grand opening festivities for the new Mission Bay Borders in San Francisco.In
keeping with the baseball theme of the opening and Borders proximity to SBC
Park, the home of the Giants, Laurel is presenting a special baseball

Borders has great comments nationally for its committment to help revitalize
urban retail areas and we are delighted to be part of this sweet addition to
these neighborhood.

We would love to hear about your Eli’s experiences in a Borders Cafe. Please
introduce yourself to the Borders associate as an Eli’s fan and let me know how
we are doing at

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