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Taste Chicago in Burbank reviewed at

-Daily News

A taste of 2 cities
By Larry Lipson
Restaurant Critic


Friday, January 14, 2005 – This city is full
of people from somewhere else who constantly rave about their hometown

For some unknown reason, Burbank has been chosen to house two interesting new
eateries specializing in food from out of town. Taste Chicago specializes in
Italian beef sandwiches and hot dogs while South Street features Philadelphia
cheese steaks.

Both are fast-food spots. You know, the informal type of place with the
counter where you look up at the big menu board, make your choices, pay in
advance and either get your food right away or take a number and wait until
somebody brings it to your table.

Taste Chicago, owned by actor Joe Mantegna and his wife, Arlene, falls into
the first category.

With three visits under my expanding belt, the last with my Chicago pal Roger
Baer, I’m glad I’m from elsewhere and can live a happy and healthy life without
regular indulgences of these sloppy sandwiches.

True, a once-in-a-while visit wouldn’t hurt. Admittedly, there is something
about the Italian beef sandwich ($6.95) with peppers (mild, sweet or hot) that
could be habit-forming.

One could make the same case for the Chicago-style hot dog ($3.50) with
everything piled on it.

“That’s how they do it,’ says Roger gleefully, as he examines it carefully,
then takes a large bite out of the Vienna of Chicago frankfurter on a poppyseed

“It’s a pretty decent dog,’ he remarks thoughtfully, “but it could have more
snap.’ Afterward he opines on the Italian beef sandwich. “It took two bites to
get to the meat,’ he criticizes, “but once you get there, it’s good.’

In summary, he reiterates that the meat could have been spread out more and
thinks that the sandwich could use a daub of spicy mustard.

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Contact Larry Lipson at (818) 713-3668,

Where: 603 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank.
(818) 563-2800.
Hours: Open for brunch, lunch, dinner and snacks from
11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, to 10 p.m. Friday.
Recommended items:
Sandwiches (Italian beef, beef and sausage, sweet peppers and egg),
Chicago-style hot dog, Eli’s Chicago cheesecake, frozen custard.
Everything under $11 except barbecued ribs. No alcohol.


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When in LA, Don’t Miss Taste Chicago in Burbank

One of the most famous Chicago character actors is Joe Mantegna. Creator of
the famous Chicago icon, “Bleacher Bums,” back in the early 70′s, Mantegna
teamed up with the Organic Theatre Company to write the original ensemble

Mantegna and wife, Arlene, are residents of Tolucan, Califorina and Arlene
had a dream to create a restaurant featuring the best of Chicago. That
restaurant is “Taste Chicago” in Burbank which is described in the article
below. We are honored that Chicago’s best includes Eli’s Cheesecake and that
Taste Chicago has brought smiles to many former Chicagoans and has introduced
Eli’s and other Chicago treats to many residents and stars who frequent Taste

Tolucan Times

It’s the Real Deal! Authentic Chicago Style Food.

By Rachel


If you haven’t heard about Taste Chicago, the local studio crowd’s favorite
new quick-service dining, take-out and catering place, chances are you’ve been
sitting at your desk too long. Owned by Toluca Lake’s most popular couple, actor
Joe Mantegna and his wife Arlene, Taste Chicago has quickly become the place to
go for Chicago’s favorite foods. Be it a quick lunch, dinner on the porch (or to
take home) or platters of foods for 5 to 500, you’ll find everything authentic
and delicious. Managed by their long-time friend, Jo Williams, this delightful
new establishment brings you Italian Beef, Pizza, Ribs, Homemade Meatballs and
Marinara Sauce, Frozen Custard, Eli’s Cheesecakes and recently named by Valley
Magazine, the “Best Chicago Dog in the Valley.” Not bad for a place that’s only
been around since October.

Taste Chicago is located in Burbank at 603 N. Hollywood Way on the corner of
Hollywood Way and Verdugo between Warner Bros. studios and the Burbank Airport.
Open daily from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. and ‘til 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. The
phone number is (818) 563-2800.

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