We thank Pam Jones, Reporter at CBS2 Chicago, for visiting the students at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences and seeing the harvesting of the honey that is being used in Eli’s WildFower Honey Bar that is available at Starbucks in Chicago and Wisconsin.

May 16, 2006 5:33 pm US/Central

Local School Grows Honey For Sweet Coffee Treat

Eli’s Wildflower Honeybar Hits Stores Wednesday



ImagePamela Jones

(CBS) CHICAGO It’s a sweet opportunity for one Chicago high school.

Students are teaming up with Starbucks and Eli’s Cheesecake to offer a new dessert treat.

CBS 2′s Pamela Jones reports on a honey of a business deal.

The honey from these bees is about to cause quite a buzz in the Chicago area.

“It’s delicious,” said student Ryan Jameson.

Students at Chicago High School for Agriculture and Science are harvesting honey fro the hives to help make a new treat.

Eli’s Wildflower Honey Bar is produced at Eli’s Cheesecake’s Chicago bakery.

Student Ryan Jameson helped research the bees, but he admits the stinging potential was intimidating.

“I’m more focused on the honey than the bees,” he said.

Tim Martin helped raise the bees.

He tasted the sweet success of their honey in a project last year.

“I think it’s really neat to have some work that I’ve done popular in stores around the city,” he said.

Students have been raising bees at Chicago High School for Agriculture and Science for two years. When they started, they only had two hives. After they entered this latest project, they had to up that number to 16.

“This is an opportunity for them to see the bees pollinating flowers, going to the beehive, the honey being made and being produced,” said supervisor Bryant Biegaj.

Now, students and staff can’t wait to see the fruits of their labor with the bees fly off store shelves. They’ll be at Starbucks stores all over Chicagoland and in Wisconsin.

Sales of the Wildflower Honeybar start Wednesday. They’ll cost $2.25.

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