As Chicago submits its bid to host the Olympic in 2016, it is very informative to look back at the second world fair that was held in 1933–to celebrate the 100th birthday of Chicago.

I was particularly interested in the post card below that shows the Lagoon and the Sky Ride at night. What is makes it so unusual is the advertisement and specials on the back of the postcard from National Tea Co. At the time of the Century of Progress, National Tea had over 600 stores in the Chicago area (with none left today). Interestingly, the postcard was made
available right before the Century of Progress opened on May 27, 1933 as the specials listed (check out coffee at 3 lb.’s for 49 cents) ran through Declaration Day (now Memorial Day), which was right after the opening.

Dear Customer:

Your view of the Sky Ride at Chicago’s Century of Progress is National Tea Co. Food Stores expression of joining with you in celebrating the opening of Chicago’s Century of Progress World’s Fair. You will see a World’s Fair of foods in every National and these timely specials are on sale until Declaration Day. You will need lots of food for the weekend and the holidays.

Ginger Ale 6 large 24-ounce bottles 56 cents

Coffee 3 lbs. 49 cents

Peanut Butter 2 lb. 19 cents

Mayonnaise 2- ½ pint 25 cents

Campbell’s Pork and Beans 2-16 oz. cans 9 cents

Philadelphia Cream Cheese 2-3 oz. package 13 cents

P.S. When you write a letter to a friend inviting him to visit you during the World’s Fair, why not enclose this beautiful view of the lagoon and the Sky Ride.

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