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Happy 176th Birthday, Chicago!

Today, Eli’s Cheesecake helped celebrated Chicago’s 176th Birthday with a Big Eli’s Apple Cinnamon Cake at the Chicago History Museum. Chicago’s Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, and other citizens of Chicago came out to celebrate Chicago’s Heritage and hope for a bright future for Chicago! Check out these great pictures from the event!


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Eli’s Cheesecake Congratulates Chicago Mayor Elect Rahm Emanuel on his Victory!

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Before joining President Obama as Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel was the Congressman for the 5th Congressional District, the District for Eli’s in the City of Chicago. In his role as our Congressman, he was a major supporter of Wright College and public education and economic development in our community.  During the Mayoral campaign, Rahm celebrated his 52nd birthday at Eli’s.

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