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Mona Eng in the Chicago Tribune samples all 253 dishes at the Taste; Picks Eli’s Cheesecake’s Chocolate Chip Dipper as one of her top three desserts at the Taste

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Chicago Tribune Celebrates its 160th Anniversary with a Giant Eli’s Cheesecake and slices of Eli’s Cheesecake for all its associates

The Chicago Tribune has played an important role in Eli’s history. It was in front of the Tribune Tower on July 4th, 1980 that Eli took his cheesecake outside of his restaurant for the first time at the inaugural Taste of Chicago.

It was 10 years ago, on June 10, 1997 that the Tribune celebrated its 150th with an Eli’s Cheesecake and our dear friend and the late Chicago legendary film reviewer, Gene Siskel, comparing Eli’s Cheesecake to another Chicago icon—Michael Jordan. It was also that week that the Tribune published a special edition for the 150th listing great moments in Chicago
history and a special food section listing Chicago’s most famous foods. We were very honored to see Eli’s Cheesecake included on that “all time” list.

This year we honored to be part of the 160th Anniversary festivities with a giant cake in Tribune Tower and the slices of Eli’s Cheesecake delivered to every Tribune facility in the Chicago area.

160 years old today—Monday, June 10, 2007

Eli’s Marc Schulman congratulates Tribune Company CEO Dennis Fitzsimons and Tribune Publishing President Scott Smith on the 160th Birthday

All of us at Eli’s Cheesecake are delighted to wish the Chicago Tribune a very happy 160th Birthday. We look forward to being part of many more celebrations for this most important Chicago institution.

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Chicago Tribune “At Play” features Eli’s Cheesecake as a “last minute” Chicago Treat to send mom out of state!

Eli’s Cheesecake is always a perfect gift to send to family and friends around the country. Just visit us on line at or call us at 800-Eli-Cake (800-354-2253).

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Chicago Tribune Tells the Story of “The House that Rahm Built” and the last minute order for 70 Eli’s Cheesecakes that went out on Monday to all of the candidates that Rahm had been coaching

Since 2003, our 5th Congressional District in Illinois has been well represented in Washington by Rahm Emanuel. Rahm is a great advocate for veterans, the arts and educational institutions in the district including Wright College and the Chicago Academy.

In addition to his work representing the district, Rahm has been a tireless advocate for Democratic Congressional Candidates. The take-over of the House of Representatives by the Democrats on Tuesday is higlighted in a special section in the Sunday Chicago Tribune entitled “The House that Rahm Built” in recognition of his hard work and dedication. As noted in the article, Rahm finished the campaign on Monday, by sending for delivery on Election Day, 70 Eli’s Cheesecakes that went to candidates from Nevada to Connecticut as a
thank you for their incredible effort during the campaign.

At Eli’s, we have always been grateful to have played a small role in American history because of then Governor and Mrs. Clinton’s visit to
our bakery in March of 1992 on the eve of the Illinois primary. We can now share that our cheesecake played a role in the Democratic take-over of Congress in 2006.

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Congressman Rahm Emanuel profiled in Fortune Magazine and the Chicago Tribune for sending out Eli’s Cheesecake as his signature gift to candidates and donors

Eli’s Cheesecake is very proud to be in right in the middle of Congress Rahm Emanuel’s 5th Congressional District. Emanuel has been a great supporter of Wright College, the Chicago Academy (which is located in the former
Wright facility on Austin Avenue) and keeping and expanding business in Chicago (Emanuel was instrumental in getting the land for Chicago Paper Tube, the last new business in our park).

Emanuel has become one of our best mail order customers as he sends our cheesecake made in his District to Congressional candidates, donors and friends around the country. His practice of sending Eli’s was recognized this week in both the Chicago Tribune and Fortune Magazine.

Thanks Rahm for thinking of Eli’s!

Rahm Emanuel, Pitbull politician

He’s a killer strategist and nonstop fundraiser, with a style one ally likens to a “toothache.” Colleagues say Emanuel has become adept at the care and feeding of big donors-knowing their interests, asking about their families, sending them cheesecakes from Chicago’s Eli’s


Engineering a Democratic comeback

Since House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California asked Emanuel to be chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee a year and a half ago, he has raised roughly $36 million, taken 48 trips, and sent about 400 Eli’s cheesecakes from Chicago as thank-you presents to candidates and donors.

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Eli’s Cheesecake Named as one of the Top Ten Chicago Food Icons by the Chicago Tribune

Eli’s Cheesecake was honored by the Chicago Tribune to be selected as one of 10 Chicago Food Icons. We are in the great company of The Frango Mint, Cracker Jack, Kraft Dinner, Wrigley Gum, The Twinkie, Deep Dish Pizza, The Chicago Dog, the Italian Beef Sandwich and Quaker Oats.

This is a great tribute to our founder, Eli’s Schulman, to all of the great people at Eli’s Cheesecake who create these wonderful desserts and to our great fans in Chicago and now around the country.

Recognition like this only inspires us to continue to be the best and to be worthy of ICON status.

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Eli’s Cheesecake Festival highlighted as a top culinary pick for the weekend by the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times

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Chicago Tribune selects its Top Pick for a “Sweet Tooth Fix” at the Taste of Chicago—Eli’s Turtle Cheesecake

How to do Taste while on a diet

By Trine Tsouderos, Regina Robinson, Glenn Jeffers and Kevin Pang, Tribune staff reporters

Published June 30, 2005

Yes, serious dieters, those with a sweet tooth and avid vegetarians can find fine fare at Taste of Chicago. Our team of Taste Testers recently checked out some of the offerings.

Sweet tooth fix

Eli’s Cheesecake unveiled their special 25th birthday edition cheesecake — an ooey, gooey, crunchy, smooth caramel concoction with pieces of pecans and turtle candy (booth 18, 6 tickets)..

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Agriculture is about more than Farming–Voice of the People letter by Marc Schulman in the Chicago Tribune


Agriculture is about far more than farming

Marc S. Schulman, President
The Eli’s Cheesecake Co

Published June 30, 2005
Chicago — It was with great dismay that I read “Farms run by African-Americans in Illinois are `mighty few’ at 59″ (Business, June 12). The conclusion of the article was that the opportunities in farming and agriculture for African-Americans are on the decline. The article referenced a comment by David Gilligan, the principal of the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, that rather than being a school for farmers, its mission is training future agribusiness executives.

What the article fails to comprehend is that agriculture today is far more than farming and that CHSAS is at the cutting edge of training its students to be leaders in the agricultural industry. I know that well, as recently I was fortunate to be the speaker at the graduation for the class of 2005 from CHSAS and have also served as the co-chair of the Business Advisory Council for CHSAS for the past four years.

Every one of the 116 students in the class is a member of the FFA (formerly the Future Farmers of America) and of those 116 students, 70 are African-American. CHSAS has the largest FFA chapter in the state of Illinois and the second largest in the country.

All students who enter CHSAS spend two weeks working on the 72-acre CHSAS farm, which gives them an insight into how crops are grown and also into the population of animals that are raised at CHSAS.

There are five agriculture-related career paths in the school, one of which must be pursued by students when they enter their junior year. They are horticulture, animal science, food science, agrimechanics and agrifinance.

It is of note that the FFA changed its name from the Future Farmers of America in 1988 because it recognized that agriculture and agricultural education encompass more than 300 careers in the science, business and technology of agriculture.

This year Gov. Rod Blagojevich increased spending for agricultural education by 50 percent in Illinois. Recently Elliot Regenstein, the governor’s director of education reform, visited the school. He made the following observations about the importance of agricultural education in a speech earlier in the year:

Agriculture education gets results for a wide range of students all across the state. People in the state capitol know that agriculture education isn’t just about rural areas; it’s also about Chicago and the collar counties.

Agriculture education isn’t just about preparation for the workforce, it’s about preparation for college, about getting students ready for the coursework they’ll face when they move on to higher education. The rigorous curriculum of a good agriculture education has been the foundation of college success for countless students over the years.

CHSAS was among the first urban agricultural high schools in the country. Today its graduates are sought out by the finest agricultural programs in the country: Cornell, University of Indiana, Southern Illinois University, Illinois State University and Iowa State, to name just a few. The agricultural leaders of the future will come from CHSAS and will go into farming as well as those 300 careers that relate to agriculture.

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Tribune Good Eating Highlights Eli’s Retro Cheesecakes

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