Author and historian, Irving Cutler, a long time resident of Lawndale, is well known for hisĀ  bus tours of Jewish Chicago which includes a visit to Manny’s, Maxwell Street, the South Water Market and Eli’s Cheesecake World. The author of two books on the history of Jewish Chicago; he has now added “Chicago’s Jewish West Side” which profiles many great Chicagoans, including our founder, Eli M. Schulman. Eli’s first restaurant was the Ogden Huddle at the corner of Ogden & Kedzie in Lawndale.

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Description by the Publisher:

For nearly half a century, the greater Lawndale area was the vibrant, spirited center of Jewish life in Chicago. It contained almost 40 percent of the city’s entire Jewish population with over 70 synagogues and numerous active Jewish organizations and institutions, such as the Jewish People’s Institute, the Hebrew Theological College, and Mount Sinai Hospital. Its residents included “King of Swing” Benny Goodman, Israeli prime minister Golda Meir, journalists Irv Kupcinet and Meyer Levin, federal judge Abraham Lincoln Marovitz, civil rights attorney Elmer Gertz, Eli’s Cheesecake founder Eli Schulman, and comedian Shelley Berman. Many of the selected images come from the author’s extensive collection. This book will bring back memories for those who lived there and retell the story of Jewish life on the West Side for those who did not. No matter where the scattered Jews of Chicago live now, many can trace their roots to this “Jerusalem of Chicago.”

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