Friday, February 15

There’s cheesecake everywhere…

As I mentioned earlier, this past Sunday was our 1st Birthday at Crossings…below are some great pictures from the day.

You’ll notice a common theme of Cheesecake throughout…Here’s why, if you don’t already know.

Last year, my dear friend Tim Sutherland from CCC in Naperville donated Eli’s Cheesecake to us at
Crossings for our launch. It was actually a designed part of the teaching that day with a challenge to come ‘taste and see’.

Well, Eli’s president, Marc Schulman, found out about our little cheesecake party and about 11 months ago generously committed to
provide cheesecake for the entire community every year on our birthday…forever (I’m assuming the ‘forever’

What a gracious, kind gift from Eli’s…thank you.

And thank you to all you out there who, in whatever way, have made this past year such a great adventure full of tremendous joy…


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