It was our pleasure to host Rosalind Denning, the Entrepreneurship Project Coordinator, with a group of students participating in a summer entrepreneurs camp. We were delighted to see this attention to entrepreneurship in the Detroit Public Schools


Detroit Public Schools


Rosalind E. Denning
Entrepreneurship 2000
Project Coordinator
Detroit Public Schools
5057 Woodward Suite 914
Fax: 313-494-1132

Focus: entrepreneurship as a career option for high school students

Age Level: 10th – 12 grade

Geographic Area: Detroit, Michigan

Sponsors: Partners in this project are Bank One and New Detroit, Inc.

Abstract: Detroit Public Schools is committed to providing youth with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to include business ownership as a viable career option. To accomplish this, programs have been designed and implemented to provide students with an understanding about running a business as an entrepreneur.

This program exposes 10th through 12th grade students in Empowerment Zone schools to the concepts and practices necessary to operate a small business. Preparation through academic and technical training integrated with small business models represents the programs primary focus. Students are provided hands-on opportunities through incubator businesses to sell products and fiscally manage a business. Through the use of mentors, students receive additional guided practice and advice on entrepreneurial related topics. Entrepreneurship 2000 students are expected to:

  • Design a product or service related to Career and Technical Education.
  • Practice the needed steps to develop, market and fiscally manage a business.
  • Establish a line of credit through saving proceeds from the sale of a product or service.
  • Understand the value of utilizing available resources through mentor relationships.
  • Acquire a mindset of self-sufficiency.

The courses involved in this training are: Foods and Nutrition, Clothing, Office Technology, Printing and Graphics and Child Care.

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