The last President elected from Illinois was Ulysses S. Grant in 1869; almost 140 years ago. Our last major party Presidential candidate was Adlai Stevenson in 1956; almost 52 years ago. The Cubs last World Series Win–over 100 years ago, but that is another story.

Illinois has had a record turnout for early voting with over 260,000 early voters in Chicago and 821,000 early voters in Illinois, It is still expected that over 3 million people will vote on Election Day, November 4th.

Just bring in proof of voting, early or at your polling place, and have a free slice of cheesecake on us on election day.










One early voter that we are particularly proud of at Eli’s is Elana Schulman (Eli’s Grand Daughter). Elana voted for the first time at the Chicago Board of Elections and was fortunate to be congratulated by Langdon Neal, the Chairman of the Chicago Board of Elections on casting her vote.

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