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John Travolta enjoys Eli’s Cheesecake during visit to Engine Company 98 in Chicago–next to the Eli M. Schulman Playground in Seneca Park

Our most special public place is Seneca Park and its Eli M. Schulman
Playground. Located across the street from Eli’s the Place for Steak and 1/2
block east of the Magnifient Mile, Seneca Park was built around the turn of the
century when the now historic Engine Company 98 fire house was built.

In 1988, when my dad passed away, the City and Chicago Park District honored
him by renaming the small playground in the existing park for him. From 1988 to
1990, we worked our neighbors in the community, including Oprah, Northwestern
Memorial Hospital and the American Dental Association, to raise over $450,000 to
rebuild the park, create a new playground and puchase and Debra Butterfield
horse sculpture “Ben” for the Park. The designer of the Park was well known
landscape architect, Maria Smithburg, who was then with the Chicago Park

Over the years, the people of Engine Company 98 have been heroes in our
community. From fighting fires in high rises to taking critical care of our
neighbors, the Company has been very community minded. They have also pro-active
in helping us maintain Seneca Parka and keeping it secure. They also encourage
tourists to view the 102 year old firehouse and to get to know more about the

For all those reasons it was great to see Engine Company 98 welcome a special
guest, John Travolta, the lead in the new film, Ladder 49, to the firehouse. He
was in town to film Oprah with his co-stars Joquin Phoenix and Robert Patrick,
all of whom joined John to tour the firehouse, meet the company, and to enjoy a
Thanksgiving Dinner (John’s favorite) with turkey and all the trimmings and
Eli’s Pumpkin Cheesecake for desssert.

Eli’s Maureen Schulman, with John Travolta, Fire Commissioner Cortez Trotter
and Marc Schulman

Chicago’s Engine Company 98–next to the Eli M. Schulman Playground and
across the street from Eli’s the Place for Steak.

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Eli Welcomes Ted to Chicago

Chicago is very fortunate to have United Airlines as our hometown airlines.
From supporting major city events like the Taste of Chicago to supporting
Chicago sports teams and charities, United Airlines is an active and giving
member of our community.

Eli’s has been a partner with United Airlines at the Taste of Chicago for
many years. It was therefore our pleasure to partner with United to welcome Ted,
United’s new low fare carrier to Chicago. It was a beautiful day at the Tribune
Plaza as Eli’s Pastry Chef Martha Komoll presented Ted with a giant Eli’s
Cheesecake and Eli’s gave out over 4,000 slices of Eli’s Orange Dream Cheesecake
made specially for Ted. Watch for Eli’s and Ted to partner up at many more
events this summer

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