Tea is for chocolate — a smooth experience

Contra Costa Times

by: Jolene Thym

Article Launched: 09/26/2007


I’ve never been to New York, which means until last week, I had never even seen a bona-fide New York
cheesecake, much less eaten one. Tragic, I know. Thankfully, a company named Eli’s Cheesecake took pity on me, and showered me with slices of New York cheesecake.

The cake came frozen, which meant I had to wait patiently for the cheesecake to thaw. As I waited, I wondered what could be so special about New York cheesecake. We make cheesecake in California. We make good cheesecake, great cheesecake.

What I soon learned is that it isn’t the flavor of New York cheesecake that’s so different. It’s the texture. Instead of the solid mass of yes, creamy, but also very thick cake that I’m used to eating, Eli’s cheesecake is smooth and light. It holds together in lovely slices, yet the texture is more akin to thick pudding.

I tried four flavors of Eli’s Cheesecake: Burnt Caramel Cheesecake Flan, Saigon Cinnamon with chocolate, Blood Orange and Triple Fresh Cheese. The blood orange tastes a lot like a 50/50 bar. The chocolate-cinnamon is ultra-rich. The burnt caramel flan is interesting. Although I’m impressed by the inventiveness of the flavors — and admit that all are very good — I am so taken by the texture of these cakes that the one I loved most was the triple cheese. Eli’s Cheesecakes are about $32 each. Go to http://www.elicheesecake.com.

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